Welcome to Lindley

Situated in the Eastern Free State and nestled on the picturesque Riemland Route, you'll find the town of Lindley.

A small town filled with warmth and character, Lindley bubbles over with hospitality and a rich history that begs to be discovered by those with a keen interest in history or by the curious traveller looking to break away from the hustle and bustle of the big-city lifestyle.

Lindley is famous for quite a few things:

  1. Lindley is the birthplace of Dr. Danie Craven, the man considered as the father of Rugby.
  2. We're famous for being the birthplace of Pronutro at the historic Lindley Roller Mills
  3. And, most famously, Lindley is known for the Imperial Yeomanry, a battalion of British soldiers who bravely (and, as some would say), stubbornly stood their ground against a battalion of Boer soldiers.

With something to see, do and experience, Lindley is a town that you'll fall in love with, once you visit it.

Welcome, traveller. Enjoy your stay.

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Lindley Photo Art

    Photography by: Aaron Francis